Images of the Song

Carp flies @ at

Dyomyzida by John Curtis downloaded from Wikimedia commons.

Microprocessor @ Michael. W. Davidson.

Music teaching aid adapted from drawings @ Jianyu Wei and taken from patent number CN201315099 (Y). n_gb&sf=a&FIRST=1&CY=gb&LG=en&&TI=music&AB=&PN=&AP=&PR=&PD=&PA=Jianyu+Wei&IN=&EC =&IC=&=&=&=&=&=

Neurons and pseudo neurons from various sources. See below.

Pazyryk Carpet adapted from   or from

Plecoptera exuvia downloaded from  contributed to Wikimedia commons by Eugene Zelenko under a creative commons attribution-share alike licence. For details and terms of use see

Snowball Thrower by Lorenzetti, Ambrosio. Downloaded from Wikipedia  The reproduction is part of a collection of reproductions compiled by The Yorck Project. The compilation copyright is held by Zenodot Verlagsgesellschaft mbH and licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License.

Snow Crystals photographed by Wilson Bentley and downloaded from

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Neurons and pseudoneurons


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